Update from SAMSHA- Community Conversations


What do you know about mental health? Is the information factual, accurate, or strictly based on opinion? Have you experienced trouble in your life from a personal mental health disorder, or known someone who has? What are your ideas about counseling, and medication for mental health disorders?

These are all questions that can be used to help guide and promote community conversations about mental health. Without accurate information, first hand accounts, and a realization of a problem, mental health issues would not be discussed. Do you want to know how to start and maintain these important talks? Check out this information posted from SAMSHA on the importance of community conversations about mental health:


For your mental health needs in Brandon and Tampa, call Star Point Counseling at 813-244-1251 to make an appointment. We have several registered and licensed counselors dedicated to helping you live the life you know that you deserve!


Owner Profile: Sam DiFranco


Sam DiFranco is the Co-Founder and Executive Business Director at Star Point Counseling. Sam’s energetic attitude and motivation to help others has lead to the openning of two counseling centers that employs over 10 licensced therapists and interns. Sam is also working on opening a third counseling center which we are hoping to have up an running by the end of the summer. Sam also completes many phone intakes with clients to place you with the right therapist for your emotional, as well as your financial needs. We thank Sam for all of his contributions to Star Point Counseling and we look forward to all of the opportunities he is openning up for us!!

To make an appointment at our Brandon or Tampa offices please call Sam at 813-244-1251, or visit our website at http://www.starpointcounselingtampa.com

Therapist Profile: Bill Hogan LMFT

Bill hogan
Bill Hogan, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). He received his MA from the University of South Florida and BA in Psychology from the University of West Florida. Since 1983, Bill has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is also a certified parent educator, practicum supervisor, and developer of mental health programming.

Bill was formerly the Program Manager for the Department of Children’s Services where he managed Tampa’s Haven W. Poe Runaway Shelter and residential programs for children with emotional problems and pre-delinquency issues. He has worked for almost 40 years with Children and Families at all levels from child caring, counseling, supervision, and program development. He has retired from program responsibilities and returned to family counseling and therapy as well as marriage counseling practices at Star Point Counseling Center in Brandon and Tampa, FL.

Bill is just one of the many therapists we have on board here at Star Point Counseling Center. We are happy to have him as a member of the team. For more information on our experienced and skilled team of therapists and interns visit our website at http://www.starpointcounselingtampa.com. Or, call Sam at 813-244-1251 to set up an appointment!

Fourth of July

happy 4thAfter writing about underage binge drinking last week, it is only appropriate that the Fourth of July holiday would be the topic of the next blog. As I search for information on drinking rates during the fourth of july a plethora of information comes up. However, this information includes what the best alcoholic drinks are for the holiday with little content about the rates of drinking during this celebratory day. While drinking alcohol can be an enjoyable social activity, many people choose to binge drink on holidays with some of the highest rates on the Fourth of July. The small amount of information I did find on the rates of drinking during this holiday was centered around drinking and driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over half of the crashes on the Fourth are related to alcohol. The holiday weekend has also been considered the “deadliest holiday of the year.” In addition, SAMSHA recently conducted a study which suggested that “drunk” underage boys visit the emergency room on the weekend of the fourth at two times the rate of other days during the year. While some of these visits may have to do with injuries related to fireworks, the study proposes that these injuries are related to alcohol use.

So, while we enjoy our cocktails and cookouts this weekend, remember the negative effects of extreme alcohol consumption. Don’t drink and drive, find a designated driver, and stay away from fireworks if you have been drinking. Also, be aware of potential drinking problems that are associated with binge drinking. Alcoholism is not limited to people who drink beer all day or to those who spend each evening in a bar. Even those of us who drink periodically can have a problem. If consumption of alcohol often leads to “black-outs” or you have a difficult time knowing when to stop drinking, you may have a problem.

For more information on substance abuse and dependence counseling visit our website at http://www.starpointcounselingtampa.com.

Have a great holiday everyone!!! And be safe.