With guidance from Couples Therapy at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl., a relationship or marriage can get back on course. When differences get the better of a relationships, stress, worry, anxiety, frustration and anger can result. If the root causes are not addressed through Couples Therapy at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl., the relationship may deteriorate and cause depression for one, if not both partners, and spill over to other relationships with family or close friends.

Why Marriage Counseling?

Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling in Tampa Fl. and Brandon Fl.  at Star Point Counseling Center.

We all realize that difficulties cluster around major events; for instance, trading the single life for coupledom, having a baby, financial difficulties, sexual differences, career changes, lifestyle changes, or retirement. Therapists understand the diverse feelings that exist in these situations. We help the couple make sense of those experiences.

We offer a space in which difficult feelings can be explored between the couple without judgment or blame. Our role is to provide a safe and informed place in which a couple can become clear about what is happening between them, allowing them to make healthy choices. Therefore, couples can move on and make decisions with greater clarity and understanding.

Through our couples therapy in Tampa Fl & Brandon Fl., we help couples more truthfully know themselves and each other. This leads to a better understanding of how their inner selves are affecting their day-to-day, outer lives.

Couples Counseling is not an easy process at times. There is much on the line for couples, families, and individuals who are facing such difficulties. The journey may be hard, but the rewards are great. An initial consultation will enable you to discover whether marriage counseling or couples therapy will be a way forward for you.


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Couples Counseling Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl.  Relationship Counseling Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl

As a couple we create a container which holds all our hopes, fears and desires. When a relationship works, it leads to an immensely fulfilling life. However, as many of us find out, it is not always like that. We may realize that the friendship is not what we expected. Our chosen partner is not quite the person we imagined them to be. The container of our couple starts to feel less secure.

Many people are able to adjust to life changes and reshape the relationship, but in some cases, change feels as if the container is breaking up, the foundations are cracking. Disappointment, anger, and fear begin to replace the initial hopes. It is at this point that help is required.

Getting the help you need

The sooner issues are addressed, the easier they are to work out. Sometimes, marriage counseling or couples therapy is all that is needed, providing a space for the couple to think and to explore their situation.

Marriage Counseling can offer the opportunity to understand the deeper, more unconscious blockages and patterns in a relationship. This frequently links to our earliest and most powerful emotional experiences. Through mutual understanding, a couple often finds new strategies for enjoying their relationship.

What happens in therapy?

Talking to a couples therapist about one’s most private and intimate relationship is a brave thing to do. Seeking professional help is a big step toward dealing with these issues, and it takes courage.

Through experience we know that difficulties between couples are very rarely due to just one person. We are complex individuals with all sorts of fears, hopes, fantasies, and needs. A relationship specialist provides a place where these issues can be explored and expressed without the world coming to an end. Couples counseling is a place in which anything can be said, but these words need not lead to action until a strategy becomes clear.


Sometimes we want to blame each other for our feelings and it’s understandable, we hurt each other for sure, but the only thing that we can do in life is take responsibility for our own behavior. We hope our partners will do the same, but let it start with you. The first thing you need to do is to examine every incident. You have a fight, for instance, examine your part in it. I know it’s easy to examine the other person and how they hurt you – that’s usually the first thing we think about. I don’t want you to think about whether the chicken or the egg or who was first. What did you do that was disrespectful? What did you say that was meant to be hurtful? Was it reactive? If it was reactive, it probably wasn’t very kind. StarPoint Counseling Center Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl does marriage counseling & couples counseling.

How to apologize to your partner

I’m going to give you some information that could save your relationship. Making amends and knowing how to apologize in a good way is essential to happiness, it’s essential for not having baggage in your relationship, for healing things up so they don’t have to carry weight for either one of you in the future, and it just brings a lot more happiness in our lives.

There is a couple of things that people do that does not work very well. One of them is justifiable behavior which is basically: “I’m not going to apologize because you did something to me.” In other words: “I’m justified in my poor behavior because you hurt me first,” something like that. That’s a trap because we all are responsible for our behavior. We have the right to take care of ourselves in any given situation. Yes, we do get hurt sometimes and we have to deal with that, but we ourselves cannot retaliate or it never ends. We step on each other’s toes and everyone retaliates, and it gets worse.
Another thing is that sometimes people say: “Sorry” just to appease their partner. “I know you’re hurt and upset by what I’ve done.” I have no idea whether it’s wrong or right, or I may not even think it was wrong of me, but I’m going to say “sorry” anyways. That doesn’t work for a lot of reasons. First of all, you’re going to keep doing that behavior most likely and it’s not going to stop, so “sorry” is not going to work. Second of all, you don’t actually mean it. People are very smart and intuitive, and they can tell you don’t mean it; it’s just not very authentic. At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. we work with our couples on how to apologize to each other properly.