Anxiety Counseling at Star Point Counseling Center Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl.

Anxiety Counseling at Star Point Counseling Center Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. has 10 dedicated mental health professional who can help you give voice to your fears, thoughts and emotions in a space of validation and respect. By talking about your anxiety, you open yourself up to changing the way you think about yourself and the world around you. You can make it possible to discover just how capable and resilient you are.

A large part of healing involves vocalizing your thoughts. So, I like to begin sessions by listening to your story, learning about the way you view the world and hearing how anxiety affects you.

Throughout our conversations, we’ll explore possible family of origin issues and identify current stressors. We’ll look at your medical history to make sure that your anxiety isn’t indirectly linked to or exacerbated by a medical condition, such as menopause, perimenopause, respiratory disorders or thyroid problems.

We will also identify triggers for panic attacks and address avoidance behaviors so that you don’t walk around in a constant state of high tension. You truly do have the power to change how your mind works. In time, you can learn why anxiety manifests, how it affects you and how to calm yourself so that you are in control of your mind and body.

Each person responds differently to therapy, so I want to understand what makes your situation unique and which methods will treat your anxiety most effectively. We’ll look at how slight shifts in nutrition, exercise or sleeping habits can activate your body’s natural ability to increase levels of the “feel good” chemicals serotonin and dopamine. Or, we can target tendencies of perfectionism—a common trait among people with anxiety—and explore time management strategies for accomplishing stressful tasks. I can also help you learn to be assertive, say no confidently and create healthy relationships with boundaries that serve your needs, not just those of everyone else.

In our sessions, I can teach you abdominal breathing, mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation techniques that can calm your mind, relax your body and keep you grounded in the present. If you are struggling with depression and anxiety, I can also help you address and overcome issues of self-worth so that you are not battling two monsters at once. I also offer EMDR for trauma related-anxiety that focuses on visualization, breathing and grounding strategies for managing symptoms of PTSD.

Dealing with anxiety alone can be overwhelming; however, with support and guidance, you really can change the way you think, feel and look at the world. It is possible—and profoundly rewarding—to break free of problematic behavior patterns and enjoy a greater sense of awareness, peace and calm in life.

Is it Time for Family Counseling?

A family therapist does not criticize, blame, or take sides during family counseling. The therapist helps the family become more aware of subtle dynamics that may be the source of persistent tensions and power struggles.

Of particular importance is learning how such patterns were put in place and examining what hidden “rewards” accompany certain problematic behaviors. The adolescent who drinks or uses drugs to get his or her parents’ attention, the father who works excessively long hours to avoid tension at home—these are but two common examples of conflicted individual behavior motivated by deeper disharmony within the family unit.

When working either with individuals or entire families during counseling, the therapist brings a less biased third party perception to the situation. Issues which may seem impossibly complicated within the closed system of a family may “open up” when working with a trained family therapist.

Individuals who have unknowingly inherited certain undesirable traits from parents and other early figures may find that a therapist offers a more detached, helpful viewpoint when discussing the issues. This allows the client to bring more awareness to his or her relationships and circumstances, and to make more informed life choices when challenging issues rise to the surface.

If family issues are destroying the harmony in your home, it may be time to consider family counseling.