Have you ever wondered how some people are so lucky?  In certain aspects, some can argue that “lucky” people are not lucky at all.  You can also think of it as a psychological thing.

Here are a few tips to help you become “lucky:”

  • appreciate everything that you have
  • do NOT dwell on the things that you do not have
  • have goals
  • work towards your goals without fear of failure
  • be optimistic and smile

So there you have it.  Hope that helps you in some way or another!  And do not forget to stop and smell the roses.

As always, if you need or want to have a more in-depth consultation on how to manage your problem(s), do not hesitate to give us a call to see one of our counselors of life coaches at Star Point Counseling Center of Brandon and Tampa Bay!

Girls’ Group Sessions!

Girls’ Group Sessions

  • for girls ages 12 – 16
  • $30 each session
  • everyday Saturday at 12pm noon
  • girls can talk with one another about any issues
  • with direction, supervision, and counseling of our counselors

Space is limited, so reserve a spot for your daughter today!  If you have any questions, please call us at (813)244-1251!

Communication II.

Often times, people have trouble speaking to one another without disagreeing or without arguing.  Has this happened to you?  And have you experienced a conversation that left everyone sour?

One thing that you can keep in mind to help avoid the extreme (whether it is a disagreement and/or argument) is to remember that everyone is different and inevitably has their own opinions about certain things.  While you can voice your view on something, you cannot just go ahead and deem everyone else’s wrong when it happens to be different from yours.  It does not matter who you are talking to, you have to always remember to calmly communicate, even if the conversation has made an unexpected halt.

Sure, you may meet people who are stubborn and will not talk to you if you do not agree with or have the same views, but you can definitely control the outcome by choosing your words wisely.  Call us today for a more in-depth consultation about communication.  Star Point Counseling Center is here for you.

Relationships II.

Why is it that men almost never show their true feelings to other men or women?  Why is it that women almost always want to change men throughout their relationships?  And why is it that these stereotypes exist in our lives?  This is perhaps why many women have long wondered how men think, as men have with women.  Don’t we all wish we can read minds sometimes?  Most people, if not all, think reading each other’s minds might significantly lessen unnecessary arguments that couples have and eliminate the needless hurt both women and men suffer when in relationships.

The counselors at Star Point Counseling Center of Brandon and Tampa are here for you in any stage of your relationship.  Please call Sam at (813)244-1251 to have him help you schedule an appointment.


Either you always get into arguments with whoever you are talking to, you cannot get your point across, others do not understand you, or you just have trouble communicating.  Do you ever find that you have trouble talking to people – whether it is with your family, friends, or even with strangers?

Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • listen (a rarity these days)
  • be understanding (as you would want others to be when you are talking)
  • do not get frustrated or angry when a conversation turns sour (only makes situation worse)
  • be straightforward
  • compromise (if you do get into an argument)
  • do not dwell on the argument

Communication is the key to any relationship you have with your significant other, family, friends, or with strangers, but it seems that we often avoid it altogether in fear of making things worse.  At Star Point Counseling Center, our counselors will be able to help you sort out any communication problems that you may have and will guide you toward better communication with anyone and everyone.  Give us a call at (813)244-1251 to talk with Sam!  He will be sure to schedule you with a counselor right for you in an easy and hassle-free manner.