Are you experiencing frequent arguments and misinterpretations with someone in your family? Good communication skills are an extremely important aspect of a healthy relationship with family members. If you are experiencing difficulty communicating in your relationships, here are some helpful hints to improve things:

  1. Attempt to admit to and assume responsibility for poor communication and related tensions by asking each other defining and identifying questions to clarify the communication problems.
  2. Identify any underlying dynamics that may be hindering communication like hidden resentment or avoidant behavior.
  3. Think about the benefits of developing a more cohesive, open, close relationship with your family. This may take time and feel different or unusual at first.
  4. Schedule weekly or monthly family meetings to constructively discuss issues in the family.
  5. Plan family outings or activities in order to strengthen family interaction.

If you are experiencing difficulty communicating in your relationships, feel free to call (813) 244-1251 to talk to someone at Star Point Counseling who can help. Also, visit our website for more information on how we can help you learn tips and techniques for positive communication! www.starpointcounselingtampa.comcommunication

Tips for a Happy Relationship


Tips to finding happiness and satisfaction in a relationship: Express admiration and affection. The idea is to look for ways to appreciate and feel warmth for your partner, and express those things. Send unexpected text messages, leave a loving note near the … Continue reading

Tips for Coping with Anxiety


Anxiety is a normal feeling that every person experiences at times in their life. Whether you have a big interview tomorrow, or work is getting hectic, people often get anxious and nervous when they have to make difficult decisions or they are a part of difficult situations. Those with anxiety often feel that they are stuck and are unsure of how to make themselves feel better. But there are many tools and techniques to use in order to manage your anxiety effectively.

Try these healthy ways to cope with anxiety:

  • Take a deep breath. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is great at reducing anxiety because it activates the body’s relaxation response.
  • Accept that you’re anxious. Remind yourself that anxiety is just an emotional reaction, and accept it.
  • Realize your brain is playing tricks on you. Your mind can make you think you are having a heart attack when it is only a panic attack.
  • Question your thoughts. When you’re anxious your mind starts coming up will outlandish and crazy ideas that aren’t realistic. Ask yourself, “is this really likely to happen?”, “is this really true or does it just seem that way?”.
  • Use a calming visualization. Practice picturing yourself on a the sandy shore of your favorite beach, or sitting on the lawn of your favorite park.
  • Be an observer. Practice observing (thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, judgment) with compassion.
  • Use positive self-talk. Anxiety can produce a lot of negative talk, so tell yourself positive coping statements, such as “my anxiety is making me feel horrible today, but I have tools I can use to manage it.”
  • Focus on the present. Anxiety usually makes people obsess about things that might happen in the future. Instead it is best to take a deep breath and focus on what is happening right now.
  • Focus on a meaningful activity. When feeling anxious it is helpful to focus on a goal driven activity. The worst thing you can do is sit around obsessing about how you are feeling. Keep busy with your every day life, don’t sit around and let the anxiety get to you.

Anxiety can feel like having chains around your feet, weighing you down. It can be very overwhelming at times. But by taking small steps – like the ones above – you can minimize your anxiety and cope effectively.

However, not all anxiety can be easily managed even with the right tools to do it individually. Sometimes, you need to reach out for help from another person that can help you feel better about your anxiety. As always, at Star Point Counseling we are here for you. So, if you feel like your anxiety is becoming too much to manage, or you just want to learn more about what to do about your anxiety, please visit our website or give us a call at (813)-244-1251.

Summer Parenting


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Check out Clarissa’s New Book!

Clarissa co-founder and Executive Clinical Director at Star Point Counseling Center has recently released a book about the struggles of working with defiant children. In her book she uses real life examples from her years of experience.She also presents how to better cope with the challenges children present. Clarissa says “spanking is not good. Children who are hurting act out. You can’t change their behavior by hurting them more.”

Her book is available both in the form of a pdf or for a Kindle on for only $5.99

To learn more about Clarissa visit

Plan a Summer Staycation!

Many people use the summer as a time to go on a vacation but why not make it a staycation? Instead of stressing yourself out with an expensive trip that causes strain on your budget and on family relationships plan a staycation. Instead of going out of town take the time to explore and take advantage of the area that you live in. Do that activity or go to the place that you keeping meaning to go to, but somehow never do. Plan a staycation to bond with your family. Make an effort to spend quality time with those that you love and increase communication.

As always, whenever there are communication difficulties within a relationship or you are simply feeling overwhelmed, Star Point Counseling is here to help. Check out our website at to learn more about our counseling services. You can also call 813-244-1251 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our many great therapists today!

It’s Time for Summer Break!

Summer break is upon us and with that comes a busier household. Children that are normally at school are now at home or busy doing a multitude of summer activities. Summer is often associated with less stress , but the first week or so of summer is a time of transition for the whole family. Everyone is adjusting to new schedules and even new environments.

Summer break is a time of adjustment and like every adjustment difficulties and conflict can arise. When conflicts arise try to be patient and listen to one another.Take advantage of your children’s break from school. Use this time to spend time with them and when conflicts arise counseling is always an option. Visit our website at to learn more about our counseling services. You can also call us at 813-244-1251 for any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our many great therapists today!

Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a hot topic. People often link someone’s self-esteem to success. People assume that If you have high self-esteem you will be successful and if you have low self-esteem you are more likely to struggle. What most people do not realize is that many people that appear to have high self-esteem really are just the opposite. Inside they look down upon themselves and do not think they are as great as everyone says that they are.

Some people are better at hiding their insecurities than others. Some more obvious signs of low self-esteem are using self-disparaging remarks and taking blame easily. Some other signs are seeking praise from others and fearing rejection. Low self-esteem effects people from all backgrounds and at all ages. Seeking out a counselor can help. By talking to a counselor you can learn more about yourself and start learning to accept who you are. It is possible to love yourself and raise your self-esteem you may just need help getting started. Check out to learn more about our counseling services. Call 813-244-1251 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with our many great therapists today!

May= Mental Health Awareness Month

Many people may not know this, but May has been Mental Health Awareness month for over six decades now. It is important to pay attention to our mental health. When it comes to physical health we tend to take preventative measures and make changes before disease or health problems escalate, why not do the same for your mental health?

The goal of mental health awareness month is to encourage people to pay attention to their mental health and take action before things escalate. So many wait to ask for help. Why ignore it, when you take charge and make change?

Do something for yourself! Do not be afraid to ask for help. There are people out there that have the knowledge to teach you many skills that can help you cope and overcome your difficulties. Check out our website at to learn more about our counseling services. You can also call 813-244-1251 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our many great therapists today!