Get Rid of the Rug

Do you remember when your relationship was new? Do you remember what that felt like? All of those good feelings wrapped up inside you….  As the years go by, some of us may lose that feeling and we begin to think that it no longer exists for that special person in our lives.  Anger has a way of fooling us.  The longer we sweep things under the rug the bigger that mound gets.  Anger has a way of hiding love.  “It is there but you can’t see or feel it, because anger is in the way” (C.S. Belle, 2014).  If you are tired of pretending and just going through the motions or if you are tired of thinking that you are being noble and saying  that you are staying “for the kids,”  let’s remember all those good feelings and all of the wonderful reasons that we originally chose our partner.  Give us a call, let’s work on forgiving, healing, and discovering what once made you both joyous.

Quoted from: Therapy in Action with Insights and Strategies for Anyone Living or Working with Troubled Kids, written by C.S. Belle.

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Feeling lost?

Have we become so attached to others that we have lost touch with ourselves? Let’s learn to stop worrying or obsessing about our partner or family member’s every action and allow life to happen so that we can enjoy living in the moment.

Want to learn to live in the moment? Let’s talk today.

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Happy Thanksgiving

3  cooking tips for Thanksgiving Dinner.

  1. If you stuff your turkey make sure the middle if the stuffing is 165 degrees. If your turkey is done and the stuffing is not 165 degrees then simply transfer the stuffing to an oven safe pan and continue cooking until you reach 165 degrees.
  2. If your turkey skin is golden brown but the turkey is not done cooking then simply cover the turkey with foil.
  3. let your turkey rest 15-20 minutes before carving so the juices settle into the met.

Overcoming the Challenges

Although racism and bigotry have been in our schools for years now, the media has only recently exposed it within our country.  Therapy in Action with Troubled Kids (C.S. Belle, 2014) will help readers to identify and overcome those challenges that they may face on a day to day basis.


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Come On Over

If you’re tired of arguing and ready to make some positive changes, we’re here and ready to help you take that step.  Let’s learn to compromise in a way that’s acceptable to each person involved. Put your gloves away and put on your shoes, we’re ready when you are.

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Uncover the Love

Sometimes anger can hide love.

“It is there but you can’t see it or feel it, because the anger is in the way.”

Are you feeling this way, know someone that does?


-Therapy in Action

C.S.Belle~ LMHC

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The Forgotten Ones

“Troubled children are distanced, humiliated, and ashamed when they do something wrong and are often repeatedly blamed for something they did not do. Many of them have also learned how it feels to be blamed, over and over again, for something they did do wrong and to never be forgiven.  They know how it feels to be forgotten, ignored, and abandoned.”

“Children who are repeatedly put down feel that everyone else is better and more lovable than they are.  They begin to feel and believe that they will never fit in.”

“Our children need to know that they do belong, right here, with you and me.”

Therapy in Action With Insights and Strategies
for Anyone Living or Working With Troubled Kids

-C.S. Belle~LMHC


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Fighting Unfairly

We all know everyone fights in their relationship. That is normal and okay. What is  not okay is when the arguments are not being done fairly. Fighting unfairly is what destroys relationships and makes for continued unproductive arguments.It is important to identify how you and your significant other fight and then learn the FAIR way. Call or text us to make an appointment to learn these vital tools for you relationship (813) 244-1251

7 Common Marital Problems

If you are experiencing conflict in your marriage, you are not alone. Here are the most common marital problems among couples:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Unresolved issues from the past
  • Unfulfilled relationship/partner expectations
  • Intimacy issues
  • Infidelity
  • Resentment
  • Contempt

If left unresolved, these problems may corrode the positive aspects of your marriage, which can eventually lead to divorce. Marital conflicts can also have an adverse impact on children. Therefore, it is important to seek marriage counseling before conflicts create lasting damage. Marriage counseling not only helps couples resolve conflicts, but also teaches partners important tools for creating a happy and successful marriage. If you are interested in couples counseling please contact us at 813-244-1251. We also invite you to visit our websites at and

Managing Change in Your Relationship

It is quite normal for relationships to go through periods of change and many couples are able to adjust and reshape their relationship as it evolves. It is also quite normal for relationships to become stuck during this process, especially during major life events such as having a child, changing careers, having financial difficulties, and going through changes in health. Couple’s counseling offers a great opportunity to gain clarity, learn how to work through challenges, and grow as an individual and as a couple. It is important to seek help as early as possible in order to learn the tools necessary for managing changes and to preserve your relationship. The journey may be difficult, but the rewards great.