Valentine’s Day is around the corner…

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Relationships are important so be sure to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them. If you are having any difficulty communicating with your loved ones consider Star Point. At Star Point Counseling center we offer counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. We even offer premarital counseling services. Visit for more information about our services or to learn more about our many therapists.

Blue Monday

If you were not already aware, this past Monday is known as Blue Monday, noted to be the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday is a relatively new theory proposed by a UK psychologist based on a mathematical formula (Blue Monday). This day is calculated to be the most depressing day of the year due to failed New Year’s resolutions, winter weather, and holiday bills. If you are feeling blue or need help getting back on your feet please visit or call 813-244-1251 to make an appointment

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Premarital Counseling

When you get engaged people usually start planning the big day. When planning your wedding do not forget to also plan for your marriage. Your wedding is for one day, your marriage is a much longer commitment. Seek premarital counseling in order to learn how to better communicate with your partner and how to cope with unexpected stressors.

Seeking therapy early can help prevent future communication and relationship difficulties. Visit to learn more or call 813-244-1251 to schedule an appointment.

It’s a New Year

Happy New Year from Star Point Counseling Center!

Star Point Counseling Center wishes you a very happy new year. The new year brings new starts and new stresses. If you at any time feel overwhelmed please feel free to visit or call 813-244-1251 to make an appointment.

New Year, New Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made year after year. Many people start the new year with a clear goal in mind and unfortunately after some time let the goal slip away. Life happens and sometimes it is difficult to stay on track with new year’s resolutions. Instead of making some far out goal, start with little goals, break your big goal into achievable steps. Instead of saying something general like, “This year I am going to be healthier,” make an actionable plan with steps that will help you to achieve your particular goal. Some ideas for this example are: start taking vitamins, exercising three times a week, and making meal plans every week.

Making goals is the easy part, putting them into action is a whole other story. If you need help in identifying or creating an actionable plan to complete your goals visit or call  813-244-1251 to make an appointment.

5 Simple Steps for Daily Happiness!

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In our 24/7 non-stop world of deadlines, hectic schedules, responsibility and stress, great days are hard to come by. But what if there was a way to change that?

Here are 5 simple steps you can do each day to help make it great with the goal of building happiness:

  1. Focus on gratitude early. Before even getting out of bed in the morning, clear your mind of the days “to do” list and spend 60 seconds focusing on what you are grateful for. By focusing on basic things you are grateful for you instantly help put yourself in a good mood.
  2. Choose happy foods. Part of having a great day is making healthy nutritional choices. One powerful approach is to choose your meals wisely and eat things that increase happiness. Foods such as apples, berries, and oranges have been found to have mood boosting powers.
  3. Do something physical.  Physical activity has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on mood while also acting as a powerful tool to increase happiness. You don’t have to hit the gym hard, stretching, walking or going for a bike ride will be enough to release powerful brain chemicals that are known to power up your happiness.
  4. Schedule happiness. Yes, it is possible. Scheduling happiness for yourself can be as simple as taking a quiet walk around the block and focusing on gratitude or spending some time with your pet.
  5. Choose happiness. It sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Choosing happiness means reaching deep inside and believing you are worthy of happiness. It means identifying your triggers for stress in advance and choosing how you will respond. Choosing happiness means loving yourself for the person you are and turning off negative self-talk.

Having daily happiness is ultimately up to you! Sure there are days where things come up and derail you from time to time, but with the right mental and emotional attitude, coupled with some tweaking on your part, great days can become part of your reality. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to a great week!

The Impacts of Loneliness.


Despite how common loneliness is, few people are fully aware of the dramatic ways in which it impacts us. Here are ten surprising facts about loneliness that will change how you view it:

  • Loneliness does not depend of how many friends you have. Loneliness depends on the quality of the relationships and whether you feel emotionally and/or socially connected from those around you.
  • Loneliness is contagious in social networks. Loneliness has a clear stigma. We tend to be able to spot and identify the lonely people around us.
  • Loneliness actually makes us feel colder. Studies found that recalling a time in which we felt lonely made participants estimate the room temperature as being significant colder, it even made their actual skin temperature drop.
  • Loneliness makes our bodies feel like under attack. Loneliness causes an immediate and severe bodily reaction. It increases in blood pressure and cholesterol, and it activates our physical and psychological stress responses.
  • Loneliness suppresses the functioning of our immune system. Loneliness causes our immune systems to function less efficiently, which over time, puts us at increased risk for developing all kinds of illnesses and diseases.
  • Loneliness is as dangerous as cigarette smoking. Scientists have concluded that given all the drastic ways in which loneliness impacts our bodies, it represent as great a risk for our long term health and longevity as smoking cigarettes.

Clearly loneliness represents a hugely important psychological harm and not one we should ignore. Make sure to take steps when you are lonely, and educate others around you about how detrimental loneliness can be.

Solving Communication Problems with Your Tween.


Maintaining a good relationship with your child is important for getting them to do things that they prefer not to do and being able to influence them. Even tweens with an overly developed conscience are still at the stage where they do the right thing to avoid displeasing their parents, teachers, and other authority figures because they can readily tell the difference between right and wrong.

A big problem for parents is getting tweens to listen when they are being spoken to. In fact, many parents are so used to being ignored, they automatically raise their voices when asking their tween to do something, as if speaking to someone who is slightly deaf. Most tweens dislike being shouted to and ordered about. It makes them resentful, and as they mature, they begin speaking in the same disrespectful ways to their parents.

For many parents, the biggest challenges are remembering to treat their child respectfully on the one hand, and demanding that their child treat them respectfully on the other. Modeling is the most potent form of teaching.If you yell and scream out of frustration, apologize later, just as you would expect someone else to do if they lost their temper with your child, and just as you would expect your child to do if they took out their crankiness on you or their teachers. Down the road, they will need to be able to handle them self appropriately with bosses and employers.

For more tips and tools on solving communication problems with your tweens, call us today! We teach and demonstrate effective parenting skills and techniques that will help you to break through the communication barriers that may be undermining your authority in the home.    (813)244-1251

Change Your Monday Morning Mood!

Even when you love your job, and especially if you don’t love your job, it can be hard to go back to work on Monday morning. After the weekend and having time out of the routine, it can feel overwhelming to jump back into work on Mondays. If you are aware that certain times of the day or days of the weak present a happiness challenge for you, you can take steps to improve them.

Here are some tips for improving your Monday mornings:

  • Look forward to something. Many people suffer from the Sunday blues knowing they have to go back to work on Mondays, but having something you can look forward to can make it less dreadful. Try scheduling lunch with a friend, or plan to take a quick break and go for a walk with a co-worker.
  • Set your own priorities. Get your own priorities done first and then worry about everything else.
  • Make the most of the morning. Studies show that the brain is often better able to tackle cognitive tasks before noon, so Monday morning is a great time to tackle a challenging task.
  • Shuffle the schedule. Maybe you have meetings or projects usually due on Mondays. Is it possible to move those things to another day of the week to give you a little cushion?
  • Roll with it. Try to embrace and enjoy your Mondays even though you may hate them.

How you face the morning influences your mood, your health, and your life. Try making the best out of your Mondays and you will find that the rest of the week just flies by. 

Are Your Being Emotionally Abused?

Emotional abuse can be just as psychologically damaging as physical abuse, but it is also in some ways easier to explain and justify. People who are emotionally abused tend to downplay their victimization by comparing themselves to people who are physically abused. But abuse is detrimental, whether it is emotional, physical, or mental.

Are you accepting treatment that you shouldn’t?  Are you being emotionally abused?  Here are some indicators:

  • Lack of reciprocity. You feel as if you are always giving and they are always taking. You don’t give just because you want to make them feel good, you give to avoid having them make you feel bad.
  • Everything is made to be your fault. He or she is always looking for a way to put the blame on you.
  • Your self-esteem is being ripped to pieces. A way of maintaining the power dynamic is to make you second guess yourself and put all your faith and trust into the abuser.
  • Your abuser has isolated you. Again, that maintains the power dynamic in their favor.  This might also increase your financial dependence, another way of controlling you. Or maybe you don’t want to approach others because you are ashamed to say what is going on in your relationship.
  • You’re minimizing the occurrences, and the ways they make you feel. You make excuses, and you make it your fault when your partner says something demeaning or does something controlling. You say that the abuser is right, you do need to correct those things. Because if you did, then he/she wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

Emotional abuse breaks you down, shames, isolates, and confuses you.  It’s time to call it what it is and let other people know what’s happening. Then you can start to figure out what the right next step is for you–if it’s seeing a therapist, confronting your partner, or making plans to leave the relationship.

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