Is it Time for Family Counseling?

A family therapist does not criticize, blame, or take sides during family counseling. The therapist helps the family become more aware of subtle dynamics that may be the source of persistent tensions and power struggles.

Of particular importance is learning how such patterns were put in place and examining what hidden “rewards” accompany certain problematic behaviors. The adolescent who drinks or uses drugs to get his or her parents’ attention, the father who works excessively long hours to avoid tension at home—these are but two common examples of conflicted individual behavior motivated by deeper disharmony within the family unit.

When working either with individuals or entire families during counseling, the therapist brings a less biased third party perception to the situation. Issues which may seem impossibly complicated within the closed system of a family may “open up” when working with a trained family therapist.

Individuals who have unknowingly inherited certain undesirable traits from parents and other early figures may find that a therapist offers a more detached, helpful viewpoint when discussing the issues. This allows the client to bring more awareness to his or her relationships and circumstances, and to make more informed life choices when challenging issues rise to the surface.

If family issues are destroying the harmony in your home, it may be time to consider family counseling.


What Can a Couples Counselor Do For your Relationship?

An educated and trained couples counselor like those offered at Star Point Counseling Center will help you and your partner identify your most pressing issues, and then help develop a plan of action. There are many different techniques that a skilled therapist can employ to help you improve your relationship.

Some of these methods may include:

  • Identifying problem areas
  • Improving communication techniques
  • Resolving past issues and hurts
  • Developing and practicing healthy communication patterns
  • Identifying underlying psychological problems
  • Treating mental health issues
  • Working on addiction problems
  • Creating mutual respect
  • Journaling and sharing thoughts and feelings
  • Creating opportunities for focused and intentional family time
  • Fostering intimacy

Usually, a blend of methods and techniques will be needed to help a couple work through long standing issues. Changing unhealthy patterns of behavior is not easy, but it is possible. A skilled therapist will not be shocked by whatever issues you and your spouse bring to the office. We are understanding and skilled professionals. At Star Point Counseling Center, our licensed, experienced, couples counselors, marriage counselors, and relationship counselors have both the patience and the clinical tools to help you and your partner.


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Star Point Counseling Center in Brandon Florida and Tampa Florida is widely known for offering an unmatched level of care to families. Our masters level family systems specialists expertly treat spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other close friends and colleagues for a range of emotional and psychological issues, including:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Emotional neglect
  • Poor communication
  • Co-dependence
  • Trauma related to abuse or neglect
  • Anxiety
  • Uncertainty
  • Trust issues

What is Couples Counseling?

Marriage counseling, couples counseling, or relationship counseling, is psychotherapy to help couples resolve problems and conflict in their relationships.   The process can help improve the current relationship, rebuild a damaged relationship, or in some cases, therapy can aid in making the difficult decision to end the relationship. Couples’ therapy is appropriate for those who are married, engaged, living together, or dating.   All types of intimate relationships can benefit from couples counseling, gay or straight, married or not.

Depending upon the depth of the issues, couples counseling, marriage counseling, or relationship counseling  is usually short term, from a few sessions to a few months.  If there are serious long-term problems that have caused deeper, more painful wounds emotionally, such as domestic violence or infidelity, therapy may be needed for a longer period of time.  Both parties may also benefit from individual therapy to resolve their past issues from their own family of origin or negativity lingering from past relationships.

Having a Child Should Transform Your Partnership, Not Destroy It. Couples Counseling can help.

Having a child brings incredible change to a marriage or partnership — and it’s not always good. The shift might happen suddenly or over a long period of time, but many couples seek out couples counseling, relationship counseling, or marriage counseling at some point during their parenting journey to help them bring the playjoy and passion back to their relationship.

In the early days of parenting, babies need all our attention and resources. During this time, nurturing yourself and your partner can drop so low on the priority list you actually forget to do it, or it seems you simply don’t know how anymore.

Overtime, old hurts from moments of feeling unsupported, unheard, unappreciated, or unloved develop rifts and walls in relationships. Partners become defended rather than open, critical rather than loving and generous, and lonely rather than safe and connected.

Maintaining and creating a partnership that is strong, loving, and tough enough to withstand the rough road of parenting is hard, but it is possible – and worth the effort.  The support of focused, effective couples counseling can help you find your way back to each other.

Creating a thriving relationship isn’t just good for youHow you and your partner model conflict, communication, and intimacy has profound effects on your children, whatever their ages.  Staying engaged and working on your marriage or partnership will alter their own attitudes about relationships, their feelings of emotional safety, and their innate ability to “do” relationships. Prioritizing your relationship with your partner and healing your marriage or relationshop is one of the most powerful ways that you can impact your children. Relationship counseling, couples counseling, and marriage counseling can help.

What is Couples Counseling?

Do you want to enhance your primary relationship? Do you want the fighting and arguing to stop? Do you want to be heard? Are you and your partner disagreeing about the kids, sex, or money? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in need of couples counseling, marriage counseling, or relationship counceling.

Couples counseling, marriage counseling, or relationship counseling is a form of counseling targeted to repair and restore the love and strength between two partners. This gives couples (married, partnered, or same-sex couples) the chance to speak freely to each other with a mediator present to provide advice and assistance.

Couples Counseling – Re-connect, Re-build, and Grow

Does it seem like there is more conflict than ever lately? A part of you knows that you are with a good person… but another part of you is just so angry… how can they keep doing this? Is this ever going to get better? This is starting to impact every area of your life… some days you can barely concentrate on work. Creating a healthy, long-term relationship where you deeply love your partner doesn’t happen by accident, it takes intentional efforts from both members of the couple. Relationships are like working out, you do not turn into a body builder after your first workout and you are not going to have all your relationship problems solved by the end of your first couples counseling, marriage counseling, or relationship counseling session. It takes practice, as well as, consistent effort and energy so that today you will be better then yesterday and tomorrow you will be better then today.

Couple’s Counseling isn’t about judging or dissecting your relationship- it is about each of you learning how to love the other person better so you can both be happier in your day-to-day life and get through the tough stuff along side each other- instead of fighting against each other. Many couples have trouble with communication and conflict management. In couples counseling, marriage counseling, or relationship counseling you will be given tools to avoid letting these issues go on and on. Couples counseling, marriage counseling, and relationship counseling will help you learn to process and communicate about conflict.

Marriage Counseling

Do any of these warning signs apply to your marriage or relationship?

  1. You are barely speaking to each other.
  2. You are withholding affection as a form of punishment.
  3. You or your spouse are keeping secrets.
  4. You are financially “unfaithful” to your spouse.
  5. You are contemplating (or having) an affair.
  6. Every small thing turns into a BIG thing.
  7. You can’t appropriately communicate without being cruel to your spouse.
  8. Your sex life has changed dramatically and you feel your needs are not being met.
  9. You can never agree on any topic regarding the children in the house.

Marriage, couples, and relationship counseling can help your marriage or relationship get back on the right track. If you feel your marriage or relationship is not strong or you want to build a strong marriage/relationship marriage, couples, and relationship counseling can help.

Couples in Crisis!

Sometimes it feels as though there is little hope left after sudden or cumulative strain impacts a marriage. Relational stress can lead to anger, resentment, dissatisfaction and frustration.  These feelings may overpower the commitment, security and passion within a relationship.  Before you make a decision that will potentially impact so many lives so significantly try couples counseling, marriage counseling, and relationship counseling.

One of the keys to good marriage counseling, couples counseling, or relationship counseling is examining unmet needs within the relationship and teaching couples to meet those needs.  Most couples find that when their emotional needs are met within the context of their marriage or relationship, they enjoy their mate more and the commitment, security and passion not only return, but increase over time.