Marriage Rules to Live By pt. 2

Okay, so as promised here is another rule of marriage that can help you to contribute positively to your relationship.

Tip #2- You may not be responsible for the happiness of your significant other, but you ARE responsible for his/her sense of security in the relationship.

Let us break this down a bit. Happiness is an intrinsic feeling that results from the individual. Although treating each other right and providing love can result in some happiness, it does not negate or erase all of the negative external influences of life. However, showing and confirming to the other person that you are committed to the relationship provides security and offers stability in an otherwise crazy life.

More tips to come! Stay posted.
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Marriage Rules to Live By

Upon entering a committed relationship there are certain implicit and explicit contracts made. These contracts often expire or change based upon the transitions of the relationship. To help with these changes, and ensure the best treatment of your spouse, here are some tips from Star Point Counseling Center’s Clinical Director and Co-Proprietor Clarissa Crystal-Belle:

1. Every Husband is someone’s little boy, and every Wife is someone’s little girl.

Stay tuned for more tips in the next coming posts!

Follow Up to “Transition”

Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. Linda has graciously explained the recent transition of blog responsibility. My name is Abby and I am working as a student intern at Star Point Counseling Center. I am working towards becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I will be updating the blog at least weekly with helpful information about relationships, stress, anxiety, and most importantly counseling! I look forward to your posts and responses. Have a great weekend!


Hey everyone!

There will be a tiny transition with this blog and the Twitter and Facebook pages in the coming weeks, as Abby – a new intern at Star Point Counseling Center of Brandon and Tampa – will be taking over. I hope that everyone will continue to follow this blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages. Abby will be sure to provide you with helpful posts and updates from both counseling centers.

You can still check out what I do with both websites – Brandon and Tampa – in a couple of months.  A big thank you to all of the followers we have thus far and future followers!