How to Know When to Seek Help for Your Relationship

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life and if you’re like many couples, your relationship gets put on the back burner. This can eventually lead to a loss of connection. But don’t panic. You can take steps to revive your relationship and even make it better than before! The most important step to take is to consider couples counseling, because it is here that you’ll learn effective relationship strengthening tools. If you’re experiencing any of these in your relationship, it may be time to take that first step:

  • frequent arguments that don’t get resolved
  • loss of good feelings you once had
  • disappearance of friendship
  • loss of intimacy
  • partner withdrawal
  • contempt and resentment

Many couples experience these issues, especially during stressful times. However, most couples benefit immensely from participating in couples counseling and are glad they made that call. Interested in couples counseling? Please give us a call, we’d love to help…

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Marriage Counseling

Communication skills are a great skill in any relationship. Assertive Communication is the best way to communicate versus aggressive, passive aggressive or passive  communication. When talking to your spouse speak in a non emotional calm voice and tell your spouse how you feel. Do not tell them what they are doing wrong, in your mind, blaming them in a loud or aggressive voice.

Fully listen to your spouse before formulating your thoughts, you can even repeat back to them “so I think I am hearing you say……….. is this correct”. Then formulate your thoughts and then speak. A lot of times we will start formulating our thoughts before the other person is done talking and then we do not full understand what they are saying.  If you feel you can benefit from marriage counseling please visit our web site or call us at 813-244-1251.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Deciding to commit to another and share in the journey of life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Premarital counseling can be very beneficial to couples considering a long-term commitment such as marriage, which is why many attend before walking down the isle. You can think of premarital counseling as a way to create a solid foundation from which to build your marriage upon. Not only will the experience deepen your understanding of each other and enrich your relationship, it will help both of you identify and address issues that could potentially cause conflict later on. In fact, premarital counseling will assist you and your partner in developing effective skills for reducing and managing conflict now and in the future. Within a few sessions, you and your partner will learn the essential components of a successful relationship to ensure that your marriage is fulfilling, healthy, and happy!

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Why do we hurt the ones we love?

The people we know and love the most are the same people we’re most awful to in word and deed. Often times it is because we expect too much from them. We hope that they can help us, that they can do all the things we are not capable of doing; moreover, that they have to do them, because of the love we invest in them. When they don’t, we feel disappointed and the natural instinct is to get angry and act out. Also, the people we love and care for are the ones who have the courage to be honest and tell us the truth, even when it hurts. And even though we know it is the truth, it still hurts and the pain can cause violent reactions

Many times we expect the people we love to just know what we are thinking, and when that doesn’t happen, we feel misunderstood. We wish they could make a journey inside our head and see things the way we see them, just because we think it is the right way. We simply can’t understand why they think differently and how they can miss something that seems so simple and obvious to us. In addition, we misunderstand them because we’re not always willing to try to understand them.

We love them but in the same time we hate them because they know our weaknesses and there’s no way we can hide. The mask we wear in relation with other people is put aside and all the things we usually try to hide come to the surface

Lastly, We trust them and we know deep in our hearts that, no matter what we do, they won’t stop loving us. We feel safe to take our frustrations on them because we think there will be no consequences. We hurt them most of the times because they let us hurt them.

7 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

  1. Did you know that couples wait an average of 6 years before seeking help for their relationship concerns? It’s important to address concerns early to prevent issues from growing.
  2. Avoid being critical toward your partner when disagreements arise. Instead, become inquisitive about their points of views. Open communication will help build a deeper understanding of your partner.
  3. Alter your approach when addressing concerns with your partner. Avoid blaming, criticizing, or becoming contemptuous, which only serve to escalate conflicts. Instead, take a deep breath and soften your approach.
  4. Remain flexible to your partner’s needs. Successful relationships involve both partners being able to rely on each other in times of need.
  5. Create and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationship.
  6. Learn how to deescalate an argument before it gets out of control. Effective communication is key.
  7. Focus on the positives! Successful couples focus on their partner’s positive attributes and the positives within their relationship, rather than the negatives.

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