Star Point Counseling

Star Point Counseling opened its doors in July of 2011 with one lone therapist, Clarissa Crystal-Belle, LMHC, and an executive business director, Sam Difranco. These co-founders have worked together to provide many people in the Brandon and Tampa area with outpatient mental health services. In just a short time the business has grown from a small office in Brandon to a multi-site organization to include over 12 therapists. Star Point Counseling continues to grow as more counselors and registered interns join the team.

Clarissa and Sam have worked tirelessly to provide the best services to the most people that they can. Clarissa became a qualified supervisor in 2011, which has allowed her to supervise registered mental health counseling interns, along with providing high quality and effective therapy to her own clients. Sam works hard to optimize business best practices which include top notch customer service, search engine optimization, and insurance expertise. The Star Point Counseling team has created a warm, caring and non-judgmental environment that allows people to feel comfortable and therefore heed the best and most results from therapy.

Star Point Counseling is here to help you!! With two locations, and years of experience, this team can assist you in living the life you know that you deserve. Call today for an appointment 813-244-1251, or check out our website for more information


We work to make our veterans’ homecoming as rewarding as possible. We will help you identify and find relief from signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Major Depression (MDD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAS), etc., and provide the services necessary to assure the adjustment to civilian life.

We work to reverse the dissociation and desensitization that was, in war, a source of strength, which otherwise at home may contribute to a sense of detachment, estrangement, and/or an inability to give, express, or receive love.

We are also here for our Policemen, Sheriffs, Deputies, First Responders, Firemen, and other community men and women who risk their lives for our welfare and safety. We are prepared to help them, as well as others present with grief and loss, Vicarious Traumatization, stress management, and other issues that may result from the selfless services they provide.

Money Related Stress

Money management is perhaps one of the toughest things for individuals and families to perfect in our economy today. With rates of jobs declining, and costs of necessities rising, staying out of debt is near impossible. compiled these astounding statistics on credit card debt in 2012: The total of U.S credit card debt is almost $800 billion, with an average of about $15,000 per household*.
So other than a loss of tangible goods, what are some of the effects of money related stress? Well, just as other stress has negative impacts on physical health, money related issues can create the same problems but may make them worse. If you have no money, then going to the Doctor’s office or obtaining a gym membership is out of the question and therefore positive interventions are less likely to be applied. Stress from fiscal problems can also create emotional discord and interrupt family dynamics. Blame and responsibility is shifted to the “bread winner” to produce enough income to afford living expenses. Roll changes can sometimes occur where both parents are having to spend considerable amounts of time at work, leaving the children to fend for themselves.
Seeing the warning signs of distress before the problems become too large is essential to saving the family unit, and preventing situational depression. This article from WebMD includes some symptoms of depression…
Whether someone is having emotional difficulties due to money management, lifestyle concerns, or just feelings of being overwhelmed it is important to seek help. Counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are trained to help with depression and its related issues. If you or someone you know is having depression related symptoms get help today!

Star Point Counseling has two locations in Brandon and Tampa, FL. Call to make an appointment today 813-244-1251. Live the life you know you deserve!!