Recently I conducted a poll with friends and acquaintances about communication with their significant others. I asked, “What is the number one communication deficit that you have with your partner?” I was pleasantly surprised to see the array of answers I received in response. One person explained, “Politely asking to have something done multiple times until I have to get a little snappy to get it done…then the response is, ” you don’t have to nag me”…OR I just end up doing it myself and he jumps up & says, “I was gonna do that.” Resolved myself to just rolling my eyes. Arguing goes nowhere.” Another replied, “When my wife is mad about something I did or said and tries to act as if all is well. It creates awkward communication that usually drags until we just stop talking for a short period of time.” There were also a few other responses that ranged anywhere from not being a good listener to not talking at all. While there are many failures to communication, there was one answer that really struck me. She said, “We have a communication issue about communicating.”

Often times its not only what you say that has an impact on your message. Many components influence the way a message is delivered. Your body language, facial expression, and even lack of vocal expression can be interpreted by the receiver. Even lies and deception can be detected through different body movements.
Metacommunication can be a good thing to discect and explore when you are having issues with communication. You may already be noticing and reading the non-verbal cues of your partner. They may actually be driving you crazy because you know that when your girlfriend says, “I’m fine” really means, “I’m so mad I could spit.” Communicating about communication is important for many couples to find out how to better deliver and receive messages.
Does your physical communication match your verbal communication? Are you sending the wrong message through your non-verbals? Star Point wants to hear from you. Comment below!
Stayed tuned for part two of our blog on metacommunication where we will give you some great tips on how to be aware of your messages.

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New Beginnings

Here at Star Point Counseling we eagerly embrace new beginnings. Many people take the New Year as an opportunity for growth, awareness, and positive behavior changes. We can help you re-evaluate your aspects of your life you are not satisfied with.

We also embrace new beginnings for families with children of all ages. We will help you adjust to having an addition to your family. We know it can turn your entire world around, as you navigate through all the changes that a newborn, blended families, or second marriages which stepparents or stepchildren may bring.

Newness and change are constant in life. Let us help you live the life you deserve, while being able to manage and welcome changes as learning opportunities.

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The New Year is Here

Many of us become a little excited when the new year comes around. It is a time to start fresh, to live healthier, and to make better decisions about life as a whole. But how long do these “resolutions” last most people? A recent study by the University of Scranton showed data on what type of resolutions are typically made, what ages follow through, and how long the resolution lasts. Suprisingly , almost 50% of the study sample reported that after 6 months they are still staying true to their New Year’s resolutions. However, by the full year, less than 9% of study participants kept true to their personal promises.

These were the top 10 resolutions made by the people in the sample:
1 Lose Weight
2 Getting Organized
3 Spend Less, Save More
4 Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5 Staying Fit and Healthy
6 Learn Something Exciting
7 Quit Smoking
8 Help Others in Their Dreams
9 Fall in Love
10 Spend More Time with Family

Any of them sound familiar to you? Have you ever attempted to keep one of these changes in your life and failed? Sometimes trying to do it on your own can be daunting and difficult. Trying to find a friend, coworker, or family member to make some of these changes with you can be a good way to hold yourself accountable, and may motivate some to stay on track. Also, remember that in order to make these changes life long, there will definately be some “slip ups” along the way. You may say, “I had a peice of cake, my diet is ruined so I might as well eat bad for the rest of the day.” However, this catastrophic thinking will get you no where with your goals. The next meal is your next opportunity to make a good choice. Throwing in the towel is sure to land you in the 50% that does not succeed with their resolutions.

Counseling is a great way to help you achieve success. Counseling is not only applicable in situations where your life seems overwhelming or grief stricken. It is a great way to set your mind up for success in all parts of your life.

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Have a Happy New Year!!!