Stressing at Work?

Hate your job?  Well, quitting might not be the best choice for you, even if you are close to putting in your two weeks’ notice.

You would think that quitting is the best option (and in many cases it is!), but experts say that you ought to first evaluate why you hate your job.  Is it because communication is bad among coworkers or boss?  Or is it because your work is just mundane and because of that you put absolutely no effort whatsoever?  Whatever the reason may be, often times, it can be changed and you can avoid having to spend another year looking for another job.

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Veterans of War and Other Heroes.

Do you have a family member(s) who is a veteran?  Here, at Star Point Counseling Center, we work to make your veterans’ homecoming as rewarding as possible.  We will help them identify and find relief from signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Major Depression (MDD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAS), etc., and provide the services necessary to assure the adjustments to civilian life.
Our counselors will work to reverse the dissociation and desensitization that was, in war, a source of strength, which otherwise at home may contribute to a sense of detachment, estrangement, and/or an inability to give, express, or receive love.
We are also here for our Policemen, Sheriffs, Deputies, First Responders, Firemen, and other community men and women who risk their lives for our welfare and safety.  We are prepared to help them, as well as others present with grief and loss, Vicarious Traumatization, stress management, and other issues that may result from the selfless services they provide.

Reminder For Our Girls’ Group Sessions!

Do not forget about our Girls’ Group Sessions on Saturdays (one of which is tomorrow).  Once again, information about our sessions:

  • for girls ages 12 – 16
  • $30 each session
  • everyday Saturday at 12pm noon
  • girls can talk with one another about any issues
  • with direction, supervision, and counseling of our counselors

Call us at (813)244-1251 for more details and/or to reserve a spot for your daughter!  Hope everyone is having a great Friday!