Couples Therapy at Starpoint

Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that is conducted by licensed therapists. Usually involving both partners, marriage counseling helps couples to recognize underlying conflicts and improve their relationship. It can help married couples make thoughtful decisions, overcome differences and enhance communication between them. Marriage counseling is also an ideal resource for relationship help. Often short term, marriage counseling also encourages both partners to focus on self-improvement and self-awareness. In couples therapy at Starpoint Counseling Center, a marriage counselor can help you to:

  1. Explore your hopes, expectations and relationship concerns
  2. Understand each other better
  3. Teach your effective ways to communication with each other
  4. Explain why there are differences of opinion & what to do about them
  5. Learn problem solving strategies
  6. Learn how to move on from marital disappointments and anger
  7. Understand the possible implications of a breakup

Starpoint Counseling Center is also aware of the fact that couples come to them reluctantly, but with a hope that it can benefit their marriage. A good counselor will make every effort to help the couple feel at ease and advise them as best as possible. We can schedule your appointment around your busy schedule. Call or text (813) 244-1251.  You can also reach us online:

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Don’t Give Up on Love

Couples therapy can be used to treat issues both big and small. Or it can be used to enhance certain parts of your relationship. It doesn’t always require weekly visits or intensive psychotherapy where we dig into your childhood or highlight your skeletons in front of your significant other.

You are in charge of the process and that process is aligned with whatever goals you choose to focus on.

  • have a healthier relationship
  • cope with trust issues
  • overcome infidelity
  • better understand your partner through productive communication
  • accept your partner
  • learn how support each other
  • learn how to ask for support from each other
  • learn to share your lives productively and happily
  • improve quality time
  • learn to parent together
  • resolve conflicts
  • mediate a separation

Want to find out if you and your partner can benefit from Couples Counseling?

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Recently I conducted a poll with friends and acquaintances about communication with their significant others. I asked, “What is the number one communication deficit that you have with your partner?” I was pleasantly surprised to see the array of answers I received in response. One person explained, “Politely asking to have something done multiple times until I have to get a little snappy to get it done…then the response is, ” you don’t have to nag me”…OR I just end up doing it myself and he jumps up & says, “I was gonna do that.” Resolved myself to just rolling my eyes. Arguing goes nowhere.” Another replied, “When my wife is mad about something I did or said and tries to act as if all is well. It creates awkward communication that usually drags until we just stop talking for a short period of time.” There were also a few other responses that ranged anywhere from not being a good listener to not talking at all. While there are many failures to communication, there was one answer that really struck me. She said, “We have a communication issue about communicating.”

Often times its not only what you say that has an impact on your message. Many components influence the way a message is delivered. Your body language, facial expression, and even lack of vocal expression can be interpreted by the receiver. Even lies and deception can be detected through different body movements.
Metacommunication can be a good thing to discect and explore when you are having issues with communication. You may already be noticing and reading the non-verbal cues of your partner. They may actually be driving you crazy because you know that when your girlfriend says, “I’m fine” really means, “I’m so mad I could spit.” Communicating about communication is important for many couples to find out how to better deliver and receive messages.
Does your physical communication match your verbal communication? Are you sending the wrong message through your non-verbals? Star Point wants to hear from you. Comment below!
Stayed tuned for part two of our blog on metacommunication where we will give you some great tips on how to be aware of your messages.

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Meet Our Clinical Director!

Here is a little information about our Clinical Director and Co-founder Clarissa Crystal-Belle.
Clarissa Crystal-Belle Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), is co-founder and the Executive Clinical Director at Star Point Counseling Center. She has over 20 years of clinical therapy experience and has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) since 1997.

Clarissa has extensive experience providing counseling and therapy for children, teens, individuals, couples and families. She has helped many people with issues of depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, marriage and family dynamic issues, separation and divorce, grief and loss, parenting skills, PTSD, repeated negative behavior as well as addictions. Please visit our website for more information at