Losing yourself in a relationship

Sometimes, you can try so hard to please someone that you forgot who you were because they came into your life. Being in love isn’t about catering to one person’s needs and it isn’t about following someone else’s path. It’s about doing what is best for both of you, because ultimately, you are one. There are times when opportunities will arise for your partner, so you sacrifice to ensure the greater future for your mutual lives. However, you must know that your partner would one day do the same for you. You should not give up your dreams to be able to remain together. Because the right person won’t hold you back and will sacrifice for you when a solid opportunity comes your way.

An important aspect in not losing yourself in a relationship is making sure that you have time for yourself. You shouldn’t be solely focused on making your significant other happy that you  give up the things that make you who you are or make you happy. You should maintain your hobbies and make time for your own happiness, because being in a relationship doesn’t mean changing who you are.

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