Building Blocks for Resilience.


Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, to bounce back and rebound from negative experiences in life. Resilience is a skill set that can be learned and practiced over time. It plays an important role in minimizing the affects of negative events in young people’s lives, therefore it is crucial to help them develop the ability to cope in spite of adversity and achieve positive outcomes.

Here are some ways to build and reinforce resilience: 

  • Activate the relaxation response: Find a quiet place, close your eyes, relax your body, slow your breathing, focus on your breathing, or repeat a word, sound, prayer, phrase, or image on the exhale.
  • Install the good: Savor good experiences and feelings, let them sink into your body and mind, and reshape your brain.
  • Cultivate acceptance: You must learn to differentiate between what you can control and what is beyond your control. When you practice acceptance, you begin to loosen up on how you think your life should be. 
  • Practice gratitude: Making gratitude a habit increases well-being and promotes resilience. Train your mind to pay attention to the opportunities for gratitude in your daily life.
  • Build relationships: Having support and help from friends and family who will listen to you strengthens resilience.
  • Maintain a hopeful outlook: Having an optimistic outlook enables you to expect good things to happen in your life. Think about what you want in life, instead of worrying about your fears. 

Resilience is a skill set that must be learned and practiced. We can teach you tips and tools for building and strengthening your resilience.

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