Anxiety Relief Activities for Children.


Believe it or not, kids have a lot to worry about. These worries usually include meeting expectations from school, expectations from adults, bullying, or changes such as a new sibling, moving to a new home, and simply growing up. Some children experience trauma, mental health disorders, abuse, family dysfunction, or health problems.

Here are three techniques parents to help their child manage anxiety: 

  1. Blowing bubbles: Deep breathing is an excellent way to reduce anxiety. What better way to teach your child deep breathing than blowing some bubbles? Deep breathing helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the system of the body in charge of the activities that a person performs when they are in a resting state, and it deactivates the body’s fight or flight response. 
  2. Worry can: Have your child write down his/her worries on a piece of paper, discuss it with you and put it in a jar labeled “fears”, “worries”, or “scary things.” This activity helps the child identify and express their worries and fears instead of keeping them bottled up. An alternative to this would be having the child journal about his/her worries. Journaling has been found to help ease anxiety and reduce stress. 
  3. Calm down box: This activity is used to help the child calm down after feeling anxious. Help your child come up with objects that help them relax and calm down and put these items inside a box. Some examples would be lavender scented play dough, stress balls, calming music, crayons, and coloring books. Break out the calm down box when your child needs something to feel more at ease. 

If your child has more than the typical anxiety or has gone through a difficult experience, it is best to consult with a therapist. Our therapists at Star Point Counseling Center can work with your child and help them learn to effectively manage and reduce their anxiety.

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