Getting Over A Verbally Abusive Relationship.


It is normal to have a a mix of emotions after ending a verbally abusive relationship. Moving on takes time, support, love and patience, but once you get through it you will be stronger and happier. There are some things to can do to help get over this abusive relationship:

Cut all ties. After a relationship ends many people feel the need to either show their ex that they are better off without them or apologize to them. It is vital to cut off all contact, you cannot fully have closure until you do. Delete their number, and block them from social media so you aren’t tempted to contact them.

Process your emotions. When you first leave a verbally abusive relationship, you might feel alone, you may feel a decreased sense of self-esteem and self-worth, depression, anger, frustration or isolation, and you might even miss your ex. Don’t bottle up your emotions, let them out. Scream, cry, write in a journal, join a boxing class, or even punching your pillow are all great ways to let your emotions out. 

Get social support. Verbally abusive spouses and partners often socially isolate their significant others. You might have been cut off from your family and friends. Reconnect with them, it is much easier to move on when you surround yourself with a loving support network. 

If you have tried these already and you find yourself still struggling with moving on then try seeking counseling. Trained counselors can lay out a plan of recovery and help you identify the skills and strengths you already have to begin moving forward in your new life

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