Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Relationships.


Sometimes a relationship may not be abusive, but there may be many other serious problems that make it an unhealthy relationship. If you feel that your relationship is unhealthy, you should try talking to your partner about your concerns. If you feel that  you are hitting a brick wall when talking to your partner about your concerns then try talking to a friend, family member, or even consulting with a counselor. Get the support and help you need to figure out what the next step is.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship include:

  • Focusing all your energy on your partner
  • Feeling pressured or controlled a lot
  • Dropping family, friends, and/or activities you enjoy
  • Not being able to be comfortable and yourself
  • Having more bad times then good in the relationship
  • Feeling sad or scared when with your partner

Signs of a healthy relationship include:

  • Having a life outside of the relationship, with your own friends and activities
  • Having more good times then bad in the relationship
  • Being able to be comfortable and act like yourself
  • Making decisions together, and with both partners compromising
  • Feeling like your partner supports you
  • Dealing with conflicts by talking calmly and honestly

While we do everything we can to help you fix and save your relationship, we are also prepared to help you and your partner make the smooth transition through the process of separation,if that is the decision you feel is right for you.

Call us today for information on how we can help you and your partner rebuild your relationship into a more stable and healthy one (813)244-1251



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