Readers’ Poll: Counseling at the Pediatrician’s Office?

A recent study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of the Health Sciences found that, for children who have behavioral issues, utilizing in-office counseling not only improved behavior, but there was less parental stress, and more overall satisfaction. The study showed that of the total participants, the half that received counseling in the pediatrician’s office actually had greater improvements in behavior than the half that were referred to outside counselors. The children in this study had behavioral problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and anxiety. They were 8-years-old on average, and two-thirds were boys.

Having this service is definitely a convenience. Additionally, receiving mental health services in a pediatrics setting provides less of a stigma for children and their parents about counseling. However, mental health services are not typically offered at most pediatricians’ offices.

Do you think Pediatricians should consider using mental health services in their offices? Why, or why not?


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