Adjusting Back To School- Make Your Transition Easy


For kids and parents alike, the arduous task of preparing for school to start back is needed but not usually welcomed.

Backpacks, pens, pencils, book covers, crayons, scissors and lunchboxes are just a few of the items required by schools, not to mention uniforms and clothes! Along with all of the financial stress are also the not so regular sleeping patterns that our children so happily develop. Getting up in the morning is a daunting experience for parents and children sometimes causing fights arguments, or even can result in the parents and children being late to work and school!

So, how can you avoid and minimize some of these stress provoking, and highly likely situations? Well, here are some tips that may ease your transition.

1. Be aware!- The first step to minimizing stress is to see where the stress is coming from or in this case, where it could potentially come from. Make a list of potential things that could cause stress at the start of the year for you and your child. Have your kids make a list too, you may be surprised to see what stresses them out!

2. Be structured!- Making a plan, and having expectations set can be a great way to kick start your transition. Kids who are more aware of their expectations often perform better, and actually can develop a higher self esteem. Have your children give insights and ideas as well so that each member of the family feels like they are a part of this plan.

3. Be flexible- Not every plan will work out every time, no matter how precise you make it! Allow for small adjustments and variables that may be uncontrollable.

4. Stay Calm- Be aware of calming techniques that can help you if the schedule is not precisely followed. Diaphragmatic Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Meditation are just a few of the things that may help decrease reactivity. And for the long term, eating right, exercising, and drinking plenty of water can also help to increase your ability to cope with stress.


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