Meet our Executive Business Director


0_0_0_0_248_186_csupload_50289544 Mr. Sam DiFranco is co-founder and executive business director at Star Point counseling. Since the start of the business, Sam has been diligently working to make Star Point the best Counseling Agency in the Tampa and Brandon areas. Sam has previous experience as a chef, and has worn many hats throughout his career including owning his own catering business. Sam has a great deal of expertise in running a succesful and productive company and shows enthusiasm for his work, which includes Star Point Counseling.

Many of our clients see Sam’s hard work and dedication to making their time at Star Point very relaxed and productive. Sam helps clients navigate through the insurance system so they get the best understanding of copays and deductibles in regard to mental health. He is always in the office to greet clients and offers a selfless approach to his treatment of both clients and employees. Although Sam is not a mental health counsleor, he is the first person that the clients will contact to sign up for an appointment and he offers a listening ear to pair the client with the most appropriate counselor.

Call Sam today for an appointment! 813-244-1251.


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