Happy Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Children get ready to share valentines and candy at their schools, Moms and Dads buy their children special gifts of love, and significant others search for the perfect gift for their “better halves.” But why is gift giving so important for some and not for others?
Author and PhD Gary Chapman explains that gifts are one of the five languages of love. One who looks at gift giving as an act of love may not only see the visible benefits, but will tend to put more emphasis on the thought behind the gift. In other words, “it’s the thought that counts.”For these individuals, Valentine’s Day may be built up and the expectations could be set extremely high. For the gift giver this can evoke a bit of anxiety as the search for the “perfect gift” ensues to show t your special someone just how magnificent he or she is. Some tips may be in order here…
1. Buy something that the other person wants, not what you want.
Often times we find things and think someone else will like them because we do. But, listening to what your partner wants and fulfilling those wishes may better serve you in the long run!
2. Find something sentimental that only the two of you would know about.
Whether it’s a trip to where you first met, or a re-creation of your first kiss, long relationships may benefit from bringing it back to where things all began.
And Finally, 3. Do not buy something in expectations of getting something back for it.
Buying gifts is about doing something for someone else, plain and simple. Obligating the other person makes the gift feel ingenuine, and may set the gift giver up for feelings of resentment.

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