New Years Resolutions

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Perhaps you have committed to eating better, or maybe you have purchased a gym membership. Like most of the country your New Year’s resolution may be revolved around physical health, but what about your emotional health? The American Psychological Association reports that most people, including children, are currently living with moderate to high stress levels. While exercising and healthy eating habits can help reduce the negative effects of stress on the body, external stressors still exist. Bills still need to be paid, and family, work, and other responsibilities still need your time. Counseling can help you deal with the stresses of every day life, and may empower you to enjoy your life in the now. The mind/body/spirit connection is important when working on the self, so this new year do not forget to attend to your emotional needs as well so that you can have an overall fulfilling life!

Call Star Point Counseling today to make an appointment 813-244-1251. We have two convenient locations, in Tampa and Brandon, and experienced therapists to help you to have the life you deserve!



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