One of our testimonials:

Dear Clarissa,

I have had the best summer of my life thanks to you. After a terrible relationship with my ex-husband, I felt worthless and thought that he was right in telling me I deserved it. I went through three other counselors who only made me feel worse before I found you. You helped me realize my self-worth, and how to choose a man who doesn’t want to change who I am. Thanks to you, I feel excited and happy about living. I’ve learned what sort of men to avoid, and am very excited about my current prospect who treats me like a friend instead of like a servant or an object. You seem to counsel from that loving, Godly, voice that we all have deep deep down inside ourselves – but that gets silenced by negative life experiences and self-doubt or other issues. I am able to see people more clearly for who they really are, and better able to separate other people’s issues and faults from who I am. I feel now that I am a rock, and I no longer need to find a rock to cling to in someone else. I can’t imagine where I would be right now without your help. I am the happiest I have been since I was a child.

Thank you!


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