Have you ever wondered why you are the only one with low self-esteem?  You are not alone.  Many, many people who you would least expect to have low self-esteem, indeed do.

So what is self-esteem?  It is inevitably how you love, care for, and appreciate yourself.  Here are some tips on how you can re-evaluate your life and can start to build toward your positive self-esteem:

  • have responsibility for self and others (no blaming or finding excuses)
  • use personal strengths to not only help yourself, but to help others
  • laugh at and learn from mistakes
  • do not be afraid of what others think of you… stand up for yourself
  • do not dwell on the past or negativity (pick up a hobby, i.e. yoga or running)
  • accept yourself for who you are (does not happen overnight, so be patient)
  • believe in yourself
  • be optimistic

Hope these will help you feel a little bit more confident in yourself and help you toward living a happier life.  Moreover, we are always here for you – to help you live the life that you deserve.  If you would like to come in for a more thorough consultation and/or session on how to build your self-esteem, call us today and schedule an appointment with us!

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