Divorce Rate in Tampa – One of the Highest in the Country?

Current news stated that the divorce rate, in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas, including Brandon, Florida, is one of the highest in the nation.

At the Star Point Counseling Center, Clarissa Crystal-Belle, LMHC  provides tools, skills, and strategies to help couples improve their communication and the overall quality of their relationship. Couples who have come to our office has asked for tools that they can take home and use to improve their relationship, only because they do not have time for counseling with therapists. Reason being, they do not want to delve into the deepest, darkest passages of their lives to root out the causes of their discontent. They simply want things to work out between them so they can get on with the tasks of running their households, tending to their children, doing well at thier jobs and enjoying what little “me time” and “us time” they can get.

Check out our web site at StarPointCounselingTampa to learn more about her areas of expertise, methods,  availability and affordability.


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